The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man.  Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish.  Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.  ~Iris Murdoch, The Red and the Green

Repairs & Tune-ups

Between the two of them, Pete and Al have nearly 40 years of experience working on bikes - every kind of bike in every state of disrepair. As the owners of the shop, they take their work seriously.

Bring your bike in for an estimate. Here's what we offer.

Tune-up* : $75

The recommended A & B tune-up includes adjusting the gears, brakes, and bearings; truing the wheels; checking all the nuts and bolts; external lube; and a wipe down.
We like to recommend this level of service. Since we put a wrench on every nut and bolt on the bike during a tune-up, we sometimes find hidden problems that may not be apparent in a less detailed job. Even if a particular component did not need adjustment, you'll know that it was checked and that it is in good shape.

Overhaul* : $175

An overhaul includes complete disassembly of the bike, a thorough cleaning of all the components, fresh grease in all the serviceable bearing, and reassembly. This job also includes a free 90-day adjustment period after the service.

Package Bikes

For $50 we provide all the materials, do the disassembly, and box your bike for shipping. We ask that you make the arrangements for shipping. We'll always pack your bike in the smallest box we can in order to minimize the shipping costs for you.


We're happy for you to have a bike shipped to us for re-assembly, too. Just be sure to give us the contact info for when it arrives. Assuming the bike needs no other adjustments, the re-assemble is $50. On the other hand, if your bike is about due for some service anyway, it's a good time to get a tune-up. That costs $75.

*Please Note:

  • Parts are not included in the service package prices listed above.
  • We will provide an estimate before beginning the service and repair.

Or, ask for specific services:

-front & rear brake adjustments
-front & rear derailleur adjustments
-frame/wheel cleaning
-wheel alignments
-pneumatic cleaning & degrease of drive train
-wheel building
-flat repairs
-bar wrapping

and more.





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